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Props to TS [05 Dec 2004|01:16am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Icons and layout looking fabulous, thanks to the multi-talented TS. Way to be awesome, buddy.

So I doubt anyone else will think this is funny, because everyone loves to pour the Haterade on Lil Bren, but I thought it was the most hysterical 5 minutes ever. So TS and I are sitting in his room, and someone knocks on the door--it's Brenden, because his key card is notoriously a fucker. TS opens the door, and then Bren shuts it... and it won't open. We're locked in from the inside. TS is like, Ummmm... it won't open.. and Bren goes, You're just being a jackass right? And then he totally slid up to the door with this look on his face like he could mack it into opening. I burst out laughing and totally called him on it. There is just something so amusing about his whiteboyness. We finally had to call Tomorra down from the 5th floor to open the door from the outside and release us. So ridiculous. One more reason I will not miss the George.

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